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Wood Fire Week in New Brunswick

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

UPDATE: June 24th 2019

What a week it's been, I think I'm going to call it wood-fire week in NB.

It started off with a trip to Baie Verte, NB to visit Ghita Levin and fire her anagama style wood kiln. It started on Sunday morning. 2.5 cords of wood, 4 pieces of staging because we ran out of dry wood, maybe a few hours of sleep, and 36 hours later it was Monday afternoon and we had reached the goal temperature of 1250 celsius. One of the longest firings in that kiln to date (a long firing is a good thing).

Next it was off to David Eastwood's fast-fire wood kiln in Central Hampstead, NB. On Wednesday we split wood and loaded the kiln. On Friday we came back for the firing.

Half a cord of wood, a few sausages, some drinks, tinfoil to protect us from the heat, and 11 hours later we reached our goal temperature of 1250 celsius.

Now all there is to do is wait for the kilns to cool and be unloaded to see what's inside!


Below is a gallery of some of the pots that came out of David Eastwood's kiln!


Matt Cripps


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