Matt Cripps was born and raised in Miramichi, NB.


After completing highschool he moved to Fredericton where he completed a BA in fine arts at St. Thomas University.

Following his undergrad, he began employment at Gallery 78 in Fredericton, NB.

He then completed a two year diploma in Fine Craft: Ceramics at the New Brunswick College of Craft of Design (NBCCD).

He is now enrolled in the Advanced Studio Practice program at NBCCD.

Artist Statement

My approach to my art and work has been constantly evolving. Depending on what I’m creating I approach it with a different mindset. If I’m creating functional work I think about its function. I contemplate if what I’m creating is something that has a purpose.


When I’m creating sculptural vessels that serve no direct function, I think about the shape, the contours, and its presence. A sculptural vessel regardless of size can hold a presence in a room and achieving that is my mindset when approaching that work.



Email: info@crippspottery.com

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